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Tracy Keogh
Chief Human Resources Officer


Member Spotlight

My career was unusual by today’s standards in that I worked at HP my entire career.  I graduated from the University of Southern California with an MS in Electrical Engineering in 1969, and went to work for HP.  I retired from HP at the end of 2003.  I spent time in Marketing and then transferred into R&D, leading various different programs.

Learning, doing what hasn’t been done—and what many people think can’t be done—motivates me.  Dave Packard called this “making a contribution”.  I also gain motivation from working with great people in a positive and collaborative culture. This is what made HP so special to me and why I stayed at HP for so long. 

Life as a retiree has been very good!  The truth is that no one really retires anymore.  I have tried to stay busy with work-like things about half time. Since leaving HP, I have served on for-profit and non-profit boards, and been a management consultant, in addition to co-authoring a new book about HP.

I use the rest of the time for travel, exercise, some sports, and reading.  I also dabble with a guitar every now and then. I am motivated by being of use, keeping in shape, learning, and having quality time with family and friends. I still see many of my friends who are still at HP and even more who have also retired, and it is always fun to talk about the company with them.

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