Frequently Asked Questions


Am I eligible to register on HP Continuum?

HP Continuum is open to all U.S. retirees of HP Inc.  If you retired after November 1, 2015, from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you are not eligible to join HP Continuum.

To qualify as an HP Inc. retiree, you must have left HP at age 55 or older with at least 10 years of qualifying service (or at least 15 years of qualifying service if eligible under the Pre-2003 HP Retiree Medical Program). If you left HP in 2011 or later, you could also qualify earlier than age 55 if your age-plus-service equaled 80 or more years.

You may also be considered eligible for HP retiree medical benefits if:

  • you were subject to an HP workforce reduction within one year of satisfying the age and service requirements,
  • you were designated as eligible when leaving HP under an Enhanced Early Retirement (EER) or Phased Retirement program,
  • you were designated as a retiree by an acquired company such as Digital Equipment Corporation or EDS.

To confirm your HP retirement status, please contact the HP Benefits Center at 1-800-890-3100.

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How can I access my retirement/Pension benefits?

Fidelity is the plan administrator for the HP and EDS pension plans. You can access your pension account information through Fidelity NetBenefits at or by calling the HP Retirement Services Center at Fidelity at 1 800 457-4015.

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How can I contact HP HR?

You can send your question to the Contact HR team within HP at

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How can I contact HP Payroll?

For payroll support write in with your full name, employee ID, and contact information to

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What is the HP code for the HP Passport Program?

To access the passport program, log in at

Click REQUEST A CARD in the lower right corner


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How can I join a retiree club?

For details about joining a local retiree club, please visit for details

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Who do I need to contact to change my address?

To request a change of address in HP's internal records, please send your updated contact information via email to

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How do I get employment verification?

For employment verifications, please use The Work Number.  The Work Number provides a variety of automated services to many employers including employment and income verification. This fast, secure service is used when applying for a mortgage or loan, leasing an apartment or any other instance where proof of employment or income is needed. You benefit from having control of the process - authorizing others access to your information.  The Work Number can be used anytime, anywhere - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you cannot use The Work Number, or if you need an original letter of verification for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or for an International Adoption, you may log a case with Contact HR by emailing

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How do I join an HP Credit Union?  

HP offers employees, retirees and their family members access to credit union membership. The following list of credit unions offer membership to various employee groups with the new HP. Once you join a Credit Union you can also open accounts for your immediate family.  There are restrictions on who can join each of the credit unions, so check with them for specifics.

First Tech Federal Credit Union (located on many HP sites in the US & Puerto Rico)

InTouch Credit Union (formerly EDS Credit Union)

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How do I browse the list of members?

1. Click People
2. Use keyword or Advanced Search and click search icon
3. Sort by Last Name, First Name, and Current Company
4. Show the number of results by selecting number from drop down
5. To jump forward or backward in results use the First page, Fast Backward, Previous page or Next page, Fast Forward, and Last page.

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How do I tag myself with keywords?

1. Click Profile
2. In the Keywords Section, click the "Add keywords" link
3. To enter multiple keywords, use a comma and a space after each word
4. To enter multiple words into a key phrase use only spaces in between words
5. Click Save.

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What web browsers does the site support?

Internet Explorer 11/10/9
Mac Safari

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How do I edit my profile?

1. Click Profile
2. Click Edit for the area you wish to edit
3. Edit accordingly
4. Click Save.

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What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

1. Click the "Reset Password?"  link in the Member Login section on the logged-out landing page
2. On the Reset Password page enter your primary e-mail address and enter the graphic code displayed below the email field
3. Click Send New Password
4. A login link will be sent to the primary e-mail address associated with your account.  This link will be valid for only 48 hours. 
5. Click the link to create a new password.

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How do I leave notes for other members and comment on those notes?

1. Firstly, you must be a mutual contact with that particular member.  To become a contact with a member, search for the member in the People section and click "Add to Contacts" link for their listing.  They must approve this request before you become contacts.
2. Select the member's profile by checking the box for "Search only my contacts" in the People Advanced Search and clicking Search at the bottom
3. Enter your message in the notes box located in the left hand column
4. Click Post.

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How do I view the list of my contacts?

1. Click People > Advanced Search > Check the box for "Search only my contacts" > Click Search

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How do I view a contact's profile?

1. Click People > Advanced Search > Check the box for "Search only my contacts" > Click Search
2. Click on the member's name to view his or her profile.

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How do I delete a contact from the list?

1. Click People > Advanced Search > Check the box for "Search only my contacts" > Click Search
2. Click Delete for specified member.

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How do I change my display name?

1. At the upper right dropdown and beneath your name, select My Settings
2. Edit your name under the User Detail section
3. Click Save.

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How do I send a message to a contact?

1. Click People > Advanced Search > Check the box for "Search only my contacts" > Click Search
2. Click the Send a Message link to the right of the member's name in the list view.

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How do I add a contact?

1. In the People list view, click the Add to Contacts link for the member you wish to connect with.  A connection request will be sent to that member for his or her approval. After the member has approved the connection request, he or she will show up under your contacts.

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How do I use basic and advanced search?

1. Basic Search
  a) Enter a name, description or keyword in the main search box
  b) Click search icon.

2. Advanced Search
  a) Click "Advanced Search" in the bottom right hand corner of the search box
  b) Use any of the search fields by entering your search criteria
  c) Click Search at the bottom.

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